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Should You Go Digital? 5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Ditch Printed Menus

Instead of continually printing out menus every time you have a change, restaurants are looking to use environmentally friendly menu options. A digital menu is just that. Rather than looking through the menu and having the waiter take your order, you can order your meal and pay right from the touch of a screen. Tons of restaurants are ditching print and going digital, and here are five reasons why you should consider making the switch.

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Why Digital Menus are the Hottest Trend to Take Over Restaurants in 2018

In Melbourne and across the globe, we have shifted culturally from having subcultures of "foodies" here and there to being overwhelmed with the amount of people who would consider themselves obsessive diners.

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The 5 Hardware Elements Of A POS System

When it comes to a POS system (Point Of Sale), every restaurant needs one. It provides a hub where everything merges; where records are kept, transactions are made, how a restaurant conducts its order and provides customers with a focal point.

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