Ai-Online Frequently Asked Questions

Ai-Menu is a leading innovator in hospitality technology, with solutions for online ordering, digital menus and self-ordering kiosks.

Ai-Menu is offering restaurants, cafés & other hospitality venues a cost-effective online ordering solution to assist their efforts to stay viable during the COVID-19 situation. What equipment do I need in my venue to get this system to work for me? Ai-Menu provides a FREE rental tablet (requires an internet connection) that will connect with …

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Restaurants – Transform Uncertainty into Opportunity

Ai-Menu transforms uncertainty into opportunity

In this most critical and uncertain of times, practically every hospitality business has been scrambling to adjust their model to remain functional. The COVID-19 crisis will continue to seriously impact on cafes, restaurants and takeaway businesses for months and years to come, but it is worth noting that with these incredible challenges comes an opportunity …

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Why Digital Food Ordering is Here to Stay

Due to circumstances well beyond our control, 2020 has seen a monumental shift in the operational parameters and ongoing viability of all hospitality businesses in Australia. Out of necessity, restaurants, cafés and other food service venues have had to quickly pivot, converting to a takeaway and delivery only model in order to remain open. With …

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