Auto-Scheduler for Tabs

We are happy to announce the next lot of updates for Ai-Menu Systems suite of products:


  • 15min intervals for auto-scheduling
  • Add-ons now have categories for quicker operation
  • Add-ons “sets” now automatically cross-populate, where editing a set will update everywhere that set is used


  • option to view by price option separately (eg: Pizza – Large)


  • Option for cash tender “exact cash” to proceed with payment automatically
  • Option to “Create table” (and ask for head count ) and “add items” from table viewer, which opens the quick order screen pre-set to the required table
  • Quick order renamed to “New Order”
  • In quick order scroll down to the bottom of orders when adding a new order
  • In edit table view:check boxes bigger, more space in between rows, and shows Price, Name and Request next to item
  • Option for message kitchen to be broadcast to multiple printers
  • POS for “Kitchen ONLY” so only those items show in POS

Tablet Management

  • New “Zone allocations” table ranges. This will only allow thepre-set table range to be entered. Consists of “Range check active” and from – to (ex zone A: from 400 to 420)
  • New “call tablet” from tablets page to find it
  • New “kill tablet app” fromserver, so that if a tablet goes nuts you can manually kill the app
  • Changed downloading images to happen in the background, which means you can use the tablets while they are downloading any new images

General Operation

  • Allow single-digit login PINs for clerks and more than 4 numbers for others if required

We hope you enjoy the new features.

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