Updates – security mapping

It’s that time! More updates coming to our valued clients!

We hope you have enjoyed a great start to 2019. In the meantime, we’ve been working hard over the holiday season to bring you more improvements in POS performance and features:

  • Security levels can be individually mapped to 4 user types to allow full customisability
  • Ordering from the POS has now been consolidated into one platform. In the takeaway mode, “New Order” button now takes you to the “quick order” screen.
  • Optionally the system can “find customer” when starting a new takeaway order to link the customer to order. This will pre-populate the phone and address info if required.
  • Takeaway pickup time now rounds to nearest 5 mins
  • A new feature of “registered for GST” version for non-GST customers
  • New option to print (and ask for) invoice from quick pay buttons.
  • Daily/weekly emails now show the vouchers used breakdown
  • Setting up a bar tab is now possible with no Tyro integration, and the limit is enforced when ordering from tablets
  • Customer export file now includes the “Last Order Date” field. If no orders show “No Orders”.
  • The system now adds to the customer database from the takeaway, saving addresses and phones entered if no linked customer
  • New feature to automatically populate takeaway with sequential numbers, with an option to override
  • Remembering the set discount is now optional
  • Customers list is now displayed with phone numbers to help find the right one
  • Only first name and phone number a requirement for customer

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