We’re really excited to bring you new features galore! From the new “quick refund” button (with Tyro and PC-EFTPOS integration) and saving a quick order for payment later to the updated kitchen bump screens, we’ve been working hard to improve your system.

You will also see an update to the front screen on Ai-POS. This was designed to allow customer requests to be “snoozed”, in case you’re serving another customer. This shows all current customer requests and the time they have been waiting, which allows you to better serve your customers.

New Features:

  • Admin
    • Much faster history report calculations
    • Report now shown on screen exactly as the printed report
    • New feature of “Open price item” to allow custom price point set
  • POS
    • Save quick order for later!
    • Refund Button!
    • Now can set up unlimited payment media types (ex. Paypal, etc)
    • Scrolling waiter reviews with snooze function
  • Vouchers
    • Bank transfer option available
    • Set category “Staff Vouchers” which doesn’t show names when selecting to only allow pins and scans
    • Allow for voucher creation at sale point
  • AiBump
    • Updated drawing table orders
    • Single item bumping
    • Can now select a particular kitchen to display only

We also have a new loyalty points program to be released very soon! Stay tuned…


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