Loyalty Program

Our internal loyalty program has been released! So many new features and the list keeps getting bigger:


  • Percentage discount can now be set food/drinks/whole table
  • Feature to send note to kitchen for a particular table
  • New feature of “Condiments”, now can add modifications to order from POS screen
  • Option to remember the logged in user and set a timer for auto-log out, which resets every time you press anywhere on the screen
  • Multiple payment options now available, and optionally have a custom surcharge attached


  • Added discounts and surcharges to ind. Kitchens report
  • In report show “base” total and modifiers/add-ons total, which gives a good breakdown of upsell
  • report on average screen time of items both on bump and pos, separated by type
  • percentages for other print titles show
  • Shows discounts used total and ind items in a graph and table
  • Added all emailed reports to history viewer interface, including “view used vouchers”


  • Different auto-print times for food and drinks possible
  • Option to print entrees and desserts on mains docket
  • Waiter name now prints on docket if it was sent from a staff tablet
  • Custom print widths now available for docket and invoice printers
  • Option to make time smaller
  • Print items order to be set as either alphabetical, by time of order OR as per menu order
  • Option to not print docket title “ex. FOOD, DRINKS”
  • Consolidate printing from various “kitchens” option
  • Various printer width selections available
  • Print “includes holiday surcharge of xx%” on invoice

Internal loyalty program

  • Option to set up menu to pay with points (default off), then when you link customer and have item with points it can ask to redeem those points.
  • Each purchase linked to a customer acquires points, with a custom #points/dollar spent


  • Get report for “current vouchers” – sold and used time/dates
  • Edit voucher to remove amount

Ordering menu

  • “Are you over 18” checkbox requirement optionally available (based on tab)
  • Option to print kitchen name or not

Stay tuned for soon-to-be-completed integration with Locify!

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