Tablet Menu

Introducing the Ai-Menu digital menu program for restaurants, bars & clubs

Tablet menu systems, whether they be on an iPad, tablet, or other type of portable mini computer, are the infiltrating the world of hospitality. They are part of the next wave of food and drink service in Brisbane and beyond, placing orders directly into the customer’s hands.

With our Ai-Menu digital ordering software, restaurant, bar and club owners can supply their customers with a fully interactive, customisable food and drink menu. They can also use the electronic menu system to facilitate their waitstaff in various ways, making everyone’s lives easier.

If you already use a Point of Sale (POS) system that you know and trust, you may be wondering why you should make the switch to the Ai-Menu tablet ordering system. First of all – you don’t have to, as you can comfortably run your existing POS concurrently with our menu system. If you are thinking of completely switching, here are a few of the most evident benefits of offering electronic food, beer, wine or spirit menus.

    • Convenient

iPads and other tablets are small, light and portable. Our iPad ordering system is an easy way for waiters and waitresses to take orders quickly, efficiently and without error. With the ability to carry the e-menu around with them, staff can send dockets straight to the kitchen or bar as soon as the customer decides what they want– no forgotten orders!

If you decide to forgo table service and leave the ordering up to your customers, we have further solutions for you. With the Ai-Menu, you can provide customers with electronic food and drink menus right on their tables. (You can even fix the menu to the table if you’d like.) You will no longer have to worry about menus getting ripped, worn or stolen

    • Customisable

With the Ai-Menu electronic ordering system, making changes to your menu has never been easier. Out of stock on a certain beer? Have a special dish on for the night? Need to make a price adjustment? Not a problem! You can easily do so on our easy-to-navigate POS software for restaurants, bars and clubs.

    • Visually Captivating

Paper menus are boring and laminated menus aren’t much better. Even if your old menus have images, there is no comparison between those and the much more striking photos that will appear on your tablet screen. We eat with our eyes, so present your customers with images, text and graphics that will leave them coming back for more. As an added bonus, you have the option to add informational visuals to your electronic menus, such as symbols for special dietary items (vegan, gluten-free, etc.)

    • Fun!

Let’s not forgot one of the most important aspects of tablet menu systems– they are tons of fun to use! Swiping through our colourful, interactive digital restaurant menus is like playing a game. The imagery & diversity of content will attract users, while the endless options to customise their meals and order at their convenience will keep them satisfied.

But that’s not all there is to enjoy. The Ai-Menu also offers an instant reward to customers who order using the digital menu. When they do so, they cut out the middleman, reducing time between when the order is placed and when food and drinks get to the table. This is a subtle yet effective way to encourage them to order more and keep visiting your establishment!