Restaurant Reviews

El Aguila is a Mexican food restaurant, and we regularly get asked what the various food items are. Now, the Ai-Menu displays all the dishes with photos on the tablets – no more “can I have what the other guy is having”. Our drink sales have increased by a very significant factor. We don’t forget to charge corkage. Instead of waiting for a table to make their order, my staff are chatting to other customers or bringing out drinks. The system has raised our service to a different level and improved our business overall.

As the owners of a successful restaurant in Cleveland were very aware that technology plays a critical role in the future of our business. After reviewing the Ai-Menu System were very impressed with the professional approach of the company and the technological genious of the menu system. The system is very cost effective has now revolutionised the way we service our customers. It is easy to use and a technology that sets a new professional standard in food service.

We currently have 5 restaurants using the Ai-Menu system, and have never looked back. The sales increases coupled with better efficiency from our waiting staff make this an invaluable tool. The new POS replaced our out-dated cash register and now are completely in control. The Ai-Menu system has become one of our most indispensable tools.

Customer Reviews

“… I loved the novel interactive tablet menu and ordering system – will come again” – Lily

“Really great new tablet ordering system which gets your food and drinks to you much quicker and is fun, interactive and easy to use!” – Fiona

“Quick service, no need to wait on a waiter; modern and novel” – Neve

“Had a lovely meal, great fast service, love the tablet ordering, will definitely be back” – Leanne