The 5 Hardware Elements Of A POS System

When it comes to a POS system (Point Of Sale), every restaurant needs one. It provides a hub where everything merges; where records are kept, transactions are made, how a restaurant conducts its order and provides customers with a focal point.

But you can’t just get any POS system in your workplace. You need to understand the more delicate components of the hardware elements that support the POS software. Here are the five hardware elements that are crucial to the software:

The Register Screen:

The critical hardware of the software system and the focal point. This register screen will provide the employees with the list of products, the ordering, the ability to clock-in, and transactions and sales report. This hardware is vital for the running of the business.

The Barcode Scanner:

Can you imagine a system without a barcode scanner? Even if you have a POS with all the products uploaded, you need that barcode scanner to give you that level of security and ease. The premise is standard: it will scan barcodes and pull the info into the checkout total. It will also help with inventory and stock levels.

The Credit Card Reader:

Can you imagine not paying with Paywave or your debit card? Not only does the credit card reader need to be available, but it has to be secure and compliant with all credit cards. An essential aspect of modern-day cashier services.

The Cash Drawer:

For the moment, cash is still king. The move towards card (and even mobile phone) purchases are growing and will dominate in years to come. But cash will always be around, and you need that secure place to store it for transactions. Make sure the POS system you are looking for connects to the cash drawer and provides top-notch security.

The Receipt Printer:

Yes, we understand that not everyone wants to keep receipts, but that doesn’t mean the system shouldn’t offer it. A receipt printer is vital for the management to keep track of purchases, as well as providing customers with a quick snapshot of their purchase.

We hope that this information about POS hardware will give you a keen idea about what makes this system so vital to have in your restaurant. However, if you are looking for a new, revolutionary menu system – integrated with a proprietary Point of Sale (POS) – that will change the way you operate, then speak to the team here at Ai-Menu on (07) 3195 4257.