Why Digital Menus are the Hottest Trend to Take Over Restaurants in 2018

In Melbourne and across the globe, we have shifted culturally from having subcultures of “foodies” here and there to being overwhelmed with the amount of people who would consider themselves obsessive diners.

More and more, people are opting to eat out rather than cook in, due to the wide range of dishes available, hype of health eating, Instagrammability of restaurant food, etc.

For a restaurant to stay successful in the wake of such a time, they must keep up with the latest food and dining trends as if their life depends on it. (We can assuredly say that your business, if not your life, definitely does.)

One of the top restaurant trends to take hold in the year to come is one that we’ve already seen working its way into the mainstream dining scene– interactive, digital e-menus for bars and restaurants.

E-menus, like the Ai-Menu system that we offer, are menus available on computers or tablets, for either staff or customer use. We are fans of both options for different reasons, although here we are focusing more-so on the benefits of customer-accessible menus.

(We will offer up the benefits of employee-managed menus in next month’s blog!)

Without further ado, here are a few reasons why digital menus are going to take over in 2018, and why you should jump on board while the trend is still in its early days:

Interactive: The usability of digital restaurant menus is a fun and exciting way for customers to order food and drinks from your venue. Their interactive nature feels just like playing a game or using one’s phone. It allows for a more personal and interesting ordering experience that most are already familiar with in some way.

Ease of Use: Digital menus could not be simpler to use. All they require is basic touch to quickly place a food order, customise a dish, order another round of drinks, etc. The highly responsive touch options that Ai-Menu provide eliminates frustration or miscommunication when trying to place an order, which is sure to satisfy customers.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Unlike physical menus, which can appear bulky and excessive (or sometimes just too boring), the Ai-Menu’s swipeable interface and high-quality imagery options allows the maximum appeal for your menu and items. You can even add custom branding to your Ai-Menu to match your digital menu to the appearance of your restaurant or bar for consistency across all spaces.

Places the Control in the User’s Hands: People love anything personalised or that they’re encouraged to do themselves, as they feel it gives them authority. In this case, ordering one one’s own instead of relying upon wait staff to take the order is great for customers who want to avoid waiting around, have specific dietary needs that they would rather not specify to staff (for fear of mix up) or who want to order many things throughout their meal instead of everything all at once.

For these reasons and more, customers are loving the availability of e-menus at the moment, whether those menus are given to them by wait staff, fixed at the counter or attached to their tables.

No matter where you decide to integrate your digital menus, we highly encourage you to make the most of this technological advancement in 2018!